Business Strategy for the Digital World

Business in Digital world  is creating new opportunities and enterprises need to relook at their business, IT and Digital strategies. There are fundamental changes that impact the way services and products are delivered today. EnSignis consultants focus on leveraging new and emerging technologies to help our clients to redefine their business strategies.

Our Offerings:

Business Planning Session

Workshops with management teams (CEO, CFO, COO, Sales, Delivery and Business Unit Heads)

Facilitate Customer Advisory Council Meetings

  • Agenda development with the management team
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Feedback at the end of the meeting

Business Performance Optimization:

    Existing customer penetration strategy
  • Building Business Review Templates
  • Populate the templates for 1-2 customer as proof of concept
  • Governance Strategy – Scheduling the review meetings for business review
    IT Project Delivery Process Optimization
  • Defining the delivery organization Structure
  • Delivery Process review
  • Building and Managing Center of Excellence (COEs) for emerging technologies
  • Project Cost optimization

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Transition IT Leadership (CIO in a Box) :

Many a time, there is a need for experienced IT leadership to be in place during a time of change or transition at a company. This change could be result of succession planning, M&A transaction or performance issue. We have experience IT leaders in our team who have been CIOs for Fortune 500 companies in their past roles. We assist organizations during this time by stabilizing the situation and managing the process of establishing a successful technology management team.

Our Team

Lalit K. Dhingra
Founder & IT and Business Strategist
Ron Anderson Lehman
Advisor on all things IT & Admin
Tom Schreier
Information Technology Strategist

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