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We have been trusted advisors to the world's biggest companies, and we continue to grow with the expertise of our C Level leaders

People Strategy

We help create right people strategies for organizations during and after business transformation

Most of the business strategies undergo a transformation to adapt to the changes needed to succeed in digital revolution. While going through the digital transformation, the organization must rethink of their people strategies. A new redesign of work is now needed.

CEOs need to understand how technology helps improve their business parameters and also the customer experience. They need to plan things that seem a distant dream. The biggest challenge CEOs are facing in their organization to have the people with the right skills who could cope with the current and future state of the business.

We work in collaboration with CEOs and help in answering the question on automation, skill requirement for emerging technologies and training needs post digital transformation. Our model is built on vast hands-on experiences of dealing with business and people strategies.

Intelligent Process Automation

We help you in effective implementation of Robotic Process Automation

Adopting an automation strategy is transformational to your company and as such, must be well thought out.  There are many firms and vendors offering advice, however often their primary objective is their success, not yours.  And, they haven’t actually done it as employees of a company.  We have.  Instead of doing low risk functions, we deployed operationally critical processes involving securities and money for clients based in the US and the UK.  

We know the internal battles that can occur.  We know the strategic decisions that need to be made and their ramifications.  Our views are independent as we have no affiliation with any software tool company.


Business, Digital and IT Strategy

We help manage Digital transformation of your business’ core functions

Digital and innovation in technology is reshaping how the business is done. Our Consultants combine industry insights and their deep understanding of IT and business, help companies to understand the challenges of digital transformation. Our role is to help the teams to go through the journey without any pitfalls. We will collaborate with you to create a deep understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by the Digital world. Our Consultants have created business & Digital transformation strategies for their businesses in the past and can easily guide you in improving your existing strategies or help you create a new one.

Cyber Risk Management

We help manage cyber risk prior to, during and post digital transformation to assure flawless execution

Every organization regardless of size, type or industry, faces cyber risk. Cyber risk is the risk of adverse impact to earnings, capital or reputation from cyber attackers stealing consumer data or IP or committing other compromise and causing disruption to operations. As organizations embark on digital transformation, cyber risk management must be front and center and an integral component of digital transformation.

Our cybersecurity expert team provides advisory, consulting and tools to assess and manage cyber risk prior to, during and post digital transformation to assure flawless planning and execution. Our team utilizes a unique proprietary data analytics tool to provide the cyber risk profile of an organization in real time with drill down insights. We will help the organization transform the defense into offense to optimally manage cyber risks.

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