Is Age Bias in Leadership Real?

by in Perspectives

During a recent business networking reception in Chicago, I met Charles, an old friend of mine who until few weeks back was a senior executive of an IT company focused on hospitality solutions in the Midwest. Over a glass of wine, he shared that his company CEO was making changes in the executive management team […]

Synergistic Leaders

by in Perspectives

Few days back when I entered my office, I heard a voice addressing me as “Boss” I looked back and saw a manager from my finance department, who wanted to hand over some reports. I said to myself why people use the term Boss – the most abused term in corporate world. In the movies, […]

Building a Winning Team is So Damn Hard

by in Perspectives

“Bias compromises the objectivity of reviews, impacts employee careers and leads companies to mediocrity.” With all of the forces affecting the business cycle, companies typically focus human resource management on hiring plans, competitive strategy, and resource allocation. But, is this leading to a winning team or just creating a mediocre organization? Most organizations get distracted, […]

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