EnSignis works across industries to solve our client's complex business & IT challenges. Our approach is to bring in right disciplines and consulting resources to provide result-oriented advisory services.

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One of the most essential functions of Insurance is to manage risk. With the innovative and newer technologies trends affecting how we live, the insurance industry needs to change constantly, to address new types of risks.

The business processes and IT systems need to evolve. At EnSignis, our insurance experts from the industry have created strategies for the companies they lead. They can help your guide.

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Wealth & Asset Management

Wealth and asset management industry is the most lucrative in the financial services. This industry is in the midst of significant change – a new generation of investors, who are highly influenced by new technologies, have brought new standards to the industry. These new investors will control major share of US assets over the next decade. These new investors will control an increasing share of US retail assets over the next decade.

Correspondingly processes and IT systems are catering to need of this change in the Industry. Rich digital front end with high personalization is the name of the game. We have consultants in our networked who have built the change in investment management companies are haves-on experience in dealing with this reality. EnSignis can guide and suggest various option for the FinTech and services companies in this space.

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Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

Today’s consumers are more powerful than ever before due to access to social media. They are looking for quality, personalized service and value and they want it fast. Airlines, hotels, resorts and casinos are looking at their customer spending patterns and preferences. They are looking for ways to get the customer coming back.

Companies in these sectors need to transform their operations. EnSignis can help you in this transformation so that you can respond to this new fast changing consumer trends.

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Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT)

The industry is in the middle of digital revolution. Disruption rules, and convergence is a reality. Quick technology transition, cloud migration and cybersecurity are set of forces impacting the technology, media and telecom (TMT) industries.

The leadership of companies in this space are facing challenges to cope with this change. At EnSignis, we understand that to transform is to achieve competitive advantage. We can help you guide through the journey.

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