EnSignis is a boutique advisory and consulting company that brings in a strong network of C-Level Executives with hands on experience to help solve complex business problem.

Who We Are

We are a network of highly experienced C Level executives who are committed to bringing in vast experiences to solve real life complex business problems.

We do this by engaging with leaders and companies by way of listening, analyzing, advising, and then delivering results by sharing our perspectives to help drive growth and business transformation for the companies. 

 We believe that each business and company has a unique set of issues that cannot be solved by any off-the-shelf solution. We listen to the specific problem and apply our experience in coming up with a solution to your business problem.


Our vision is to Deliver Results. Always


Our Mission is to help customers through their future journey to digital transformation.

Our Core Values

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Fairness
  • Growth
  • Innovation

Expertise That Delivers Results

Our consultants have hands-on experience in managing Business, IT & Digital transformations.
Lalit K. Dhingra
Founder & IT and Business Strategist
Joe Morgan
Business Strategy
Kevin McMahon
Advisor for Asset Management Industry
Sai Huda
Advisor on All Things Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation
Vijay Ghei
Design Thinking Evangelist
Ron Anderson Lehman
Advisor on all things IT & Admin
Pradeep Doraiswamy
Business Transformation Expert
Charlie Schaefer
Advisor for Business and Information Technology Planning
Barbara Healy O’Loughlin
Business Strategist
Tom Schreier
Information Technology Strategist
Peter Quinn
Automation Strategist
Sanjay Vatsa
Innovation, Digital and Transformation Realization
Kurt Caywood
Content, Marketing and Media Strategist
Jim Villwock
Advisor People Transformation
Betsy Westhafer
Business Strategists and Facilitator for Customer Advisory Boards

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