Optimizing Application Portfolio

Optimizing Application Portfolio Client Profile: A non-profit, primarily local and physical in nature based in Ohio. Problem Statement: Align business growth strategies with a digital transformation strategy.  Identify and plan the people, processes, and technology needed. Our Solution: Interview stakeholders in various roles of the organization on business goals and pain points. Provide findings and

Cost Reduction through strategic sourcing

Advising an Insurance Client in reducing costs in a M&A situation by consolidating the shared services to reduce the costs and closing down an acquired business unit, [..] 

Market Focus and Strategy

Developing strategy for a mid-size IT services company that needed 20% CAGR growth for next 3-5 years [..]

Cost Reduction in a M&A Situation

Consolidating the IT support for the business unit Over 400 applications in inventory Over 200 IT professionals on staff with non-optimal and redundant HW and SW contracts. To help customer reduce the over all cost of ownership for 1B dollar public company [..]