We help transform companies to be successful in the Digital World.

Future-Proofed Digital Business Strategies

Our consultants know how to leverage digital technologies to enhance & transform business processes and experiences. They can help identify sweet-spots and focus areas for competitive differentiation.

De-Risked Technology Choices

The collective experience across wide range of technologies that helps our consultant pool evaluate and recommend the most appropriate and risk-free technology choices for a given business vision for our customers.

Successful Change Management and Technology Adoption

Our consultant pool has learned from failures and successes how to define and design the best strategies for successful technology adoption and leveraging for business.

Who We Are

EnSignis is a network of seasoned executives with over 350 years of combined experience in operating businesses and managing large scale business and IT projects. We work directly with senior leadership to coach and advise companies. We are thought and execution partners in helping you achieve results.
350Years of Experience
3B+P&L Management
800Mn+IT Budgets

What We Do

We help companies and their leadership teams to transform their business by providing advisory services in Business Strategy , Digital Strategy and Cyber Risk Management. We help customers on all facets of business transformation to Digital world – People, Process and Technology with an eye on Cybersecurity risks.

  • People: Leadership, Talent Gap Identification and Management
  • Process: Intelligent Automation – Robotics Process Automation
  • Technology: Customer Experience, Architecture and Analytics
  • Cybersecurity Risk: Cyber Risk Assessment & Management


People Strategies


Intelligent Automation


Business, Digital & IT Strategy

Risk & Compliance

Cyber Risk Management

Our consultants have been trusted advisors to some of the America’s biggest companies and they have the hands-on experience of transforming businesses to the digital world.

We will continue to grow our network by adding more experienced C-Level Executives who have successfully transformed the businesses.

Lalit Dhingra

Founder & CEO

Our Perspective

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